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Display the version information of DefraDB and its components

defradb version [flags]


  -f, --format string   Version output format. Options are text, json
--full Display the full version information
-h, --help help for version

Options inherited from parent commands

      --logformat string     Log format to use. Options are csv, json (default "csv")
--logger stringArray Override logger parameters. Usage: --logger <name>,level=<level>,output=<output>,...
--loglevel string Log level to use. Options are debug, info, error, fatal (default "info")
--lognocolor Disable colored log output
--logoutput string Log output path (default "stderr")
--logtrace Include stacktrace in error and fatal logs
--rootdir string Directory for data and configuration to use (default "$HOME/.defradb")
--url string URL of HTTP endpoint to listen on or connect to (default "localhost:9181")