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libp2p is a modular system which helps in the development of peer-to-peer network applications. The system comprises of protocols, specifications, and libraries.

What is Peer-to-peer?

Most commonly used peer-to-peer applications include file sharing networks like bittorrent (used to download movies, files) and the recent uptrend of blockchain networks. Both these network types communicate in a peer-to-peer method.

In a p2p network, participants (also known as nodes or peers) communicate with each other directly rather than using a server like the client/server model of data transfer.

Problems Solved by libp2p

Of the many problems, the major ones which libp2p addresses include:

  • Transport
  • Identity
  • Security
  • Peer Routing
  • Content Routing
  • Messaging/PubSub

Suggested Reading

For more in-depth knowledge of the libp2p system refer to the libp2p Conceptual documentation.